Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DemonSlayers Hell Cruiser "Arcturus" - sneak peek

As You can see below miniature almost finished :) . Now I need a day or two for rest and think over his rocketpack . I  took decision about equipped this killing machine with a Gatling gun instead of the flame thrower.   It looks much better but it requires a solution for feed the gun with  ammo. Sounds simply but ...resin is not a gum :)
The Miasm Cannon is much better visible on the picture.

Figure is made up of many parts which allows you to give arms and weapons many different positions.

Will be needed some base - oval  100 x 120 mm with some ruins and horn of defeated demon should be good enough I hope.

DemonSlayers Hell Cruiser (sneak peek)
Small 28 mm scale miniature is showed only for size comparision.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

DemonSlayers Hell Cruiser "Arcturus" torso

Torso is ready . Now I will try put the parts together but first must work with fists and weapons.

The driver should be seated inside , something like this  :

Saturday, March 26, 2011

DemonSlayers Hell Cruiser "Arcturus"

Here You can see improved lower part of walker (still not finished) .Different way of tabbard sculpting and much more mechanical hips made this stuff much more powerful I hope :).
I will try put on his tabard few different decorations. 
DemonSlayers Hell Cruiser WIP
And here You are two shoulders ...I still think about these two torches, but probably will add as alternative parts.
Hell Cruiser shoulders with torches
Pictures of torso tommorow .

Friday, March 25, 2011

DemonSlayers Heavy War Walker on foot now

28mm scale War Walker on foot now so, the worst part of work behind me :) . Today I will be work with shoulders and torso .I need to find a solution to put the pilot / driver  inside of  the torso.
Finally found a name for the new project :
Fraction:    DemonSlayers
Category:  Heavy War Walker
Type:        "Hell Cruiser"
Name:       "Arcturus"

Early WIP phaze
28mm scale, metal miniature showed only for size comparision.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Steel Paladin's - heavy walker project

      In response to the last few e-mails which I received  "what  Your current project is ?"  pleased to announce that this is something really big also is still in a  28 mm scale .

Project Name: Steel Paladin's: heavy walker.     (  Still try find some good name for this killing machine :) 

Height 85 mm
Right arm: Fist + Flame thrower
Left arm:   Fist +  Miasm cannon "Tormentorum"
WIP pictures very soon.

>>All of the above information are not yet final, and ultimately may be a small changes.<<

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shield Bearer

I haven't too much free time, but gave up coffe breaks and found a while with a sufficiently large ball of  greenstaff and  decided create something small. I always had a weakness for the small , insignificant miniatures only accompanying  for powerfull hero. With this in mind,  I modeled the "shield bearer".
In contrast to the emaciated knaves, I wanted to create the impression of a fairly strong (able to maintain a technologically advanced shields in proper condition) burly,  fill up by repair systems.I will try diversify the shields in order to be able to customize each thumbnail for your needs-soon.
Total hight (feet to top of hooded head  23mm)
You can buy this miniature here :