Thursday, July 28, 2011

Contest results

The draw was attended by 32 people from which I drew two awards.
First place... and second place for the person who sent his voice as first.

1.  MARK . H            from USA
2.  ALEXEY   .K       from Ukraine 

Thank You very much for interesting.
Awards will be shipped in monday.
Hail !

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Great Fallen - Dark Lord "Xavier"

Greenstuff is still soft therefore some parts can look a litlle bit strange but main idea is shown.
Wings ;      Batwings
Fraction:    Fallen Archangels
Category:  Egzekuthor Heavy Armor
Rank :       Great Fallen- Dark Lord
Name:       Xavier

Armament :  Shield, Sword
This is first of five prepared projects of S-F DARK LORDS . Lord of Pain, Lord of Suffering, Lord of Anguish, Lord of Torture , Lord of Grief.

Miniature created for new game we working on : WARHELL
More infos soon.

Monday, July 25, 2011

New project

Today I am in half way to finish my current project Great Fallen Archangels Lord "Xavier"

Wings ;      Batwings
Fraction:    Fallen Archangels
Category:  Egzekuthor Heavy Armor
Rank :       Great "Fallen" Lord
Name:       Xavier

Armament :  Shield, Sword

Also 5 Egzekuthors for "BioTech Covenant" army  almost finished.
There were  a few small problems with the design of weapons for these units, but the obstacles were overcome. The advancement of the project I can describe as 75 percent.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

10.000 ENTRIES -contest

10.000 entries here we have so , maybe should I celebrate this result a litle ? :)
Question : "What was the name of my very first miniature I posted on "coolminiornot" website?"
Answer : please send answer here
Duration : answer please send until 24.July 2011
Prize : 30 Euro Voucher for spending in HITECHMINIATURES shop.
Method : I will draw winner from the answers.

Start !

Monday, July 18, 2011

The WAR must go on !

With pleasure I inform You that work on the game "WARHELL" started.
The title fits beautifully in outline of the background that we created. For now, it is only a sketch, but soon we share with you the history of events beginning in year 2008 and brings us into the horrors of war AD 3.999.
The War between , sorry:) not so fast .

and as previously mentioned, we started work on a  playing cards for this game.
This is long-term project , but maybe worth to wait ?
If you feel that you have a good idea or want to share Your talent to improve the quality of the game - write to us :warhell e-mail

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tyr Ulvar Stormbringer on foot relased

Tyr on foot relased . The same miniature as on Panzer Wolf  just without wolf :)

You can buy this miniature here

Monday, July 11, 2011

The War must go on ! Part one.

Looking around the web recently, I’ve noticed that it’s become very fashionable to create new games :)
I think this is a good trend for players, as it gives us all new options that may differ from rigid, existing systems.  And as the gamers test out those systems---the weaker ones will fall off—and this competition will be great for the gaming community as a whole.
And with new systems to play/test, new miniatures are sure to follow.  Both for the game and for the collector—and I will be helping fill those miniature gaps
Given that, I thought who better to ask then my fellow gamers on what they want or desire from games.
So, I’ve asked myself--What is the most frustrating element in existing games?
The most frustrating part of the existing games is a fact that I’ve never won a battle . Why? Like many of you, I simply do not have the time allowance necessary to explore the secrets of a more extensive rule set. My opponents have always been better prepared and more experienced and it’s tough to counter those odds (Without even speaking to dice!).
While sculpting and painting are very important to me, I would also like to enjoy gaming with my miniatures.  So even I would like a win from time to time!
Naturally I tried to gravitate to a game that would allow equal opportunity for both advanced and beginning players—and so far each system has come up empty.  Is it possible to create a simple but attractive rule set that will give a fair amount of fun for both starting and experienced players?  Perhaps I’m wrong but I certainly think it’s worth a try!
Many times throughout history, larger foes were beaten by smaller, less experienced forces.  This was usually due to the fickle nature of fate—be it a natural disaster, the environment, etc.  Thermopylae might be considered an example of such a battle---and even my own country has a history steeped in such coincidence.
So, to begin work on my project—the first steps are;
-Working game name
-Any reasonable background-fiction
-Preliminary rules

Expect more news soon.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Great Viking Lord Tyr Ulvar Stormbringer on foot

What , if You need Your Viking Hero without Giant Beast ? There is solution .Within next two days we relase Tyr Ulvar Stormbringer on foot .

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Great Viking Lord TYR ULVAR STORMBRINGER on Panzer Wolf painted

Here You are painted version of my new Viking Lord
Great Viking Lord Tyr Ulvar Stormbringer on Panzer Wolf
This miniature You can buy here: HITECHMINIATURES

Friday, July 1, 2011

Great Viking Lord TYR ULVAR STORMBRINGER on Panzer Wolf

Great Viking Lord Tyr Ulvar Stormbringer in artifactual armour with shield and Bloody Hammer of Tribe.

I had small problems with serwer but now here You are final pictures.
Miniature available next week ( also without rider)

 This miniature You can buy here : HITECHMINIATURES
or without rider here: HITECHMINIATURES