Thursday, December 29, 2011

Archangels ArchFather LIONHEART

Archangels  ArchFather LIONHEART

Scale 28mm - 45mm feet to the eyeline
Fraction:  Archangels
Category:  Holy Armour
Rank :    ArchFather
Name:   LionHeart
Left hand weapon - Helmet of Honor
Right Hand - Divine Sword "Virtus"
 BASE : 40mm (integral part of miniature)
 Available 01.01.2012

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Land Copter "ECLIPSE" Mk I A

Land Copter "ECLIPSE" Mk I A
(Assault HELLcopter -Low attitude air support) Tandem cocpit for a two man crew.
Scale: 28mm
Fraction:  MkI A pattern designed for  BioTechCovenant
Category:  Fast Attack
Rank : Hover
Primary weapon - Gatling gun
Secondary weapon - Heavy gun
Motor : Two jet engines   
BASE : 60mm with transparent stand (pipe)
You can buy this model here :