Friday, June 17, 2011

SCALE doesn't mean SIZE

Most of my works are in 28 mm scale but they are higher than 28mm . Strange ?  :)
Miniatures are made with 28mm SCALE .
This implies that while the anatomy of the figure is made in 28mm scale every anatomic parts of body should be fit to the 28mm scale character BUT  Heroic Scale exaggerates certain aspects (Such as the armor/weapons).  Thus, certain portions of the figurine may appear more grand and impressive than true 28mm scale.  Future warriors have improved muscle mass, may consist a different bio-tech implants. S-F World  allows the designer to a very  wide discretion. The scale generally  describe model size that will allow YOU to  decide whether it can be useful or not.
This is a popular style in many science fiction and fantasy miniature settings, thus your miniature should be right at home on your tabletop.  The dimensions of each miniature are detailed in the model description.
For better understanding and ilustrate size of models now You can find in store better, improved chart with dimensions.


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