Friday, September 16, 2011

3D Printers and scale comparison

Few Years ago when my friend started using his authored / alternative method of sculpting some haters
 shouted: using a computer that is not nice !!!:) ...I also got a few nasty words :)

But now many producers sell stuff  totally sculpted by machine - 3d printer in fact ...without  a human touch ...and what ?

I wanted to try what it is and what it could be used. Simply created a woman body in 3 different scales for comparison .
Here is a result :

1) That is very nice fact that we can change a scale very simply and fast .
2) Used materials (polymer SLA technique ) was relatively cheap but still too expensive for me
.Good technique is POLYJET but horrendously expensive
3)I used very expensive materials but the surface was still porous, rough and not suitable to create a "master model" in order to continue copying...forgot about nice painting this ! I tried cover this by thick layer of greenstuff but that was a stupid idea .
4) I used this machine for creating most commonly used parts for figures such as skulls, sword's, blades, different sizes. For now.

3D printers are very interesting machines (incidentally, the FDM 900mc machine series to some extent ... "self-produce", that produce components for subsequent copies! Almost ... perversion!).

Overmore this illustrative picture above showing us differences between models in 72 , 54, and 28 mm scales.  Sometime people asking me that 54 mm miniature can be used for 28mm wargame ?...I don't think so . Even if monster or creature should be bigger than 28mm scale human and so should be made in a scale of 28 mm with all the consequences as the size of the head, claws .. and other anatomical aspects.
Models in 54 mm and larger can be used as monuments/statues rather ... but haters knows better:) ask them! :)
Sober time .


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