Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WARHELL The game , update.

Miniature wargame "WARHELL" I announced few months ago is still growing and I can safely say that half  work is behind us.
We are working on three aspects of the game at the same time and with the help of several people- in my opinion, the results are  impressive.
Game rules  50 % done,
Background story 60% done,
Graphics 45 % done,

Miniatures are still under construction  because in our offer still do not have two, full army that could stand and figst against each other . At the beginning we plan it can be BIOTECH COVENANT and FALLEN ANGELS fractions, but the final decision will be taken in due time.
I want to thank everyone who has ,so far, helped me and all who are interested in this project. Soon we will start searching for people to help us translate the rules of the game, and beta testers.
More information soon.



Anonymous said...

Do Virus Cult instead of Fallen Angels!!! This should be Darker than Dark. More Evil than Evil. Total Metal Mayhem of Doom.

Anonymous said...

With time the game can evolve to include more factions. But yes, virus cult MUST be included and expanded upon at some stage, awesome minis, and total representation of anarchic anhialation!

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