Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WARHELL - Main rules arrived.

 This time I would like to share with you the news about completion of the work on the  game rules  for WARHELL THE GAME Stack of papers is located just in front of me. After reading this I can confidently say that it is a good job. Well done Paul! :) 
Now, the text will be  sent for translation. Soon will begin beta-testers recruiting . In the meantime, we are still working on the background history for this universe , and friday (february 22) held a meeting with developers to discuss the strategic elements of the fluff for WARHELL .

At this point, I can also provide cover book for MORBID ALNGELS armycreated by the 9-th MAX.

Logo for Game and MA army designed by Xaay .

I am very proud of this all , even if stil WIP !


Anonymous said...

Looks suitably excessive. Have you considered a kickstarter?


Hi . Kickstarter is out of range unfortunately, . This is only for USA and UK residents .

Anonymous said...

What about Indiegogo? It's supposed to be open worldwide, no matter your location. This project looks really good! and the minis are awesome!


Of course we will consider this option if necessary .

Anonymous said...

Indiegogo has not the "numbers" of KS.
By the way, this thing of the UK/US is easily doable.
Contact me at info@paxxltd.com


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